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Our shop - only you have! Join our program to the "advice - award-winning"

For those who shop effectively Refer your friends do not have a huge surprise! In return for the command, you`ll receive a coupon for a promotion 30.00 PLN, which will be exchanged for shopping in our store!

Person instructing the client can be any store, which has its account with us (that is, the shop is a registered customer) and the time of exercise of the option Tell our shop are logged into your account.

What we mean by person effectively Post ?

It is the customer who has entered on the command from your store and made purchases.
Recommending to his friend, our store - enter on the form, inter alia, e-mail messages. Post a person receives an e-mail encouraging visitors to shop and place an order. If such a person makes a contract in the store - our system will recognize it (after the e-mail) as the person registered and linked to you (as the person instructing). Receive a promotional coupon only when ordering a person registered will be realized. Your promotional coupon will be automatically sent to your email address and you`ll be able to use it in the 60 days.
Uniqueness of our system of commands is that the Post does not need to enter the pages catalog immediately after receiving a message from you and immediately place orders, it may take up to a few weeks later! It does not have to even click on any link contained in an e-mail! You need to do is remember our address:

Promotional coupon

If you are a happy owner of a promotional coupon (or get it from us in the consignment or his friend) - you can always use it in your contract! Remember that every ticket has a specific expiry date! After the expiry date - Coupon can not be achieved!
Implementing the coupon is very simple - all you have to do is in the final stage of the contract - entered in a special format for your coupon. After checking the coupon by our system - you will be informed about the form of gratuities. At present, for each successfully to our shop to get a bon 30.00 PLN! The minimum value for which you need to place an order 500.00 PLN.

What should I do to effectively instruct our shop and receive a promotional coupon?

  1. register with our store (if you are already a registered customer also take part in the service "advice - award") and place an order, which will be achieved (if already buy in our store you can recommend a stock shop, without the need to implement new procurement)
  2. following the execution of the contract tell our own shop to another person (the person recommended must also register with us), Order
  3. person recommended must be completed (the package must be sent),
  4. when you do get those points from our catalog promotional code, so that at the next (or any other contract in the period of validity of your coupon) contract for the purchase of pay 30.00 PLN less!
  5. that`s it - we invite you to recommending our shop!


  • one client can recommend only once! If the Post is no longer our customer - our promotion of such a person no longer cover,
  • validity of the promotional code 60 days, after this period, the code is terminacji, there is no possibility of its re-grant,
  • please pay close attention to your e-mail, either by requiring the person and recommended. Incorrect administration of e-mail address will prevent the granting of a promotional code,
  • if you have any questions, always happy to answer them,
  • minimum value of the contract made by a person who is instructing (with a promotional coupon) to 500.00 PLN.

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