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061 22 11 936/fax
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+48 666 825 386/24h
+48 666 825 387/detal
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+48 61 22 15 935 / tel. centrala (head office)
+48 61 22 15 936 /fax centrala (head office)
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The owner is a company Merkat Krzysztof Kaftański (Merkat).

Orders can be made online via the order form on our website, via e-mail sent to the address, by telephone on +48 61 22 11 935, or by fax on +48 61 22 11 936.

It is necessary to ensure that your order form is properly filled in, in particular, it is essential to provide a phone number and e-mail address to allow verification of the contract. Orders placed without providing such information will be removed.

All the goods and other services offered on this website and in the domain do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code and, therefore, an order made by a customer does not mean an immediate conclusion. Customer order forms sent by letter or e-mail are offers to buy the particular products from Merkat.

All online orders will be verified by e-mail (either automated or from a sales representative) in accordance with the instructions sent to the customer. Phone orders do not require additional confirmation by the customer.

If all goods ordered are in stock, and their current prices in line with that provided in the offer on the Merkat website, the order will be completed and sent to the address specified by the customer. Handling fees will be charged only once at the main supply, even if the contract is dispatched in several consignments.

Merkat Company does not guarantee the continuous availability of the goods offered for sale or  to maintain their prices. We reserve the right to change the products and/or the prices in the period since the last update of the website. If such a change occurs the purchaser will be informed separately by registered mail or by telephone and asked to re-confirm their order with the new conditions. Such a reaffirmation is a prerequisite for the implementation of the order. An absence of reaffirmation will be treated as a waiver of a desire to buy.

All prices quoted in the online store are net prices, which means that it does not include VAT which will be calculated at the current rate..

Payment for goods can be made with cash on delivery, credit card via the website AllPay ( or by bank transfer to Merkat. Prepayment is required on selected products in which case the product(s) will be dispatched after the money is credited to our account.

In the absence of the contract, our trader immediately contact you.

Merkat reserves the right to withdraw from the sale of individual products.

For larger orders Merkat reserves the right to implement them in separate lots, however, shipping costs will be counted only once.

An integral part of these Regulations shall be that all the information and instructions are sent to the customer by e-mail either generated automatically or by a sales representative during the submission process to validate and verify orders.

Our product range is valid on Polish territory. Other orders require additional confirmation.


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